boring bananas

Here at boring Bananas company, we specialize in the world's finest digital bananas.

We've put together a team spanning 3 continents, to bring you some of the most
bananas out there.

LAUNCH DATE: 29 June 2021. 2pm EST.
TOTAL SUPPLY: 8888 Bananas.
PRICE: 0.025 ETH each.


Following the recent worldwide pandemic, emerging reports suggest that several banana species have begun exhibiting strange characteristics. Our research team located across the globe has commenced efforts to study and document these unusual phenomena.

Concerned about parties trying to suppress our research, the team has opted to store our findings on the blockchain to prevent interference. Although this is a costly endeavour, our mission has never been clearer.

The fate of the world's bananas depends on it.

Your support in this time of need is greatly appreciated!


Simple. To be the largest contributor to charity in the NFT space, as measured by % of primary sales.


Ever since the inception of the boring Bananas company after this tweet, our goal has been to GIVE BACK as much as possible.

A minimum of 25% of all sales are donated to charity.

At 100% sellout, we pledge to donate 60 ETH from primary sales.


  • 4 x 10 ETH donations: The first of these will be made to Girls Who Code, working to empower young women and close the gender gap in technology. We know women are unrepresented in the NFT space - lets help to fix this! The remaining donations will be made via community vote using the Giving Block.
  • 20 ETH to Community Wallet: Directed towards supporting creators that want to make a positive contribution to the NFT space.
  • Secondary sales: 5% royalty (2.5% donation, 2.5% to the team). Secondary sales are directed towards charities voted on by the community monthly.

In addition, we have been, and continue to make high quality content for the NFT community through our PROJECT IN PROGRESS series, to help budding creators to along their journey.

All fully annotated source code for image generation and the smart contract will be made available after launch as a community resource.


We'd love to hear from you!

Drop us a line at boringbananas69@gmail.com,
or alternatively reach out to us on Twitter @BoringBananasCo
Or alternatively, join our Discord Server.